RV and tiny home toilets

If you’ve bitten the bullet and purchased a tiny home or a recreational vehicle, congratulations! You’ve made a great choice. Downsizing to a tiny home or RV can come with certain challenges. Learning to work in smaller spaces to prepare meals, get dressed and yes, go to the bathroom takes a little getting used to, but once many people realise the benefits of downsizing their lives a little, they wonder why it took them so long to do it!

One of the major challenges of a tiny home or recreational vehicle is what to do with waste, in particular human waste as quite often plumbing into mains water isn’t an option and chemically treating humanure can be challenging, expensive (as you’re always buying chemicals to treat the waste) and not great for the environment. 

Composting toilets are the natural way to treat human waste in tiny homes and recreational vehicles. 


Composting toilets are a great option for those who want a natural, chemical-free way to manage their waste in a tiny home or recreational vehicle. The Separett Tiny range from Ecoflo is the perfect solution for homes where space is tight. 

The Separett Tiny range comes in two different types of units – a urine diversion toilet and an external extraction of urine model.

Both models are perfect for tiny homes or RVs that have two people living in them full-time. With two people using the unit full time, you will need to empty the toilet roughly every week or so. Emptying the unit is easy as all waste goes into compostable bags, and the exhaust fan unit will ensure that any odours that form are removed from your RV or tiny home. 

Here are a few of the benefits of using a Separett Tiny for a tiny home or recreational vehicle:-

  • It really is a tiny toilet (Length 497 mm | Width 398 mm | Height 470 mm)
  • Unit weighs a total of 8.5kg
  • Perfect for tiny spaces
  • Odourless
  • High capacity for such a small unit
  • Automatic view screen
  • Can connect to solar (for the exhaust fan)
  • It comes with everything you need 


The perfect toilet for RVs and tiny homes does exist!

With its small size, simple installation and ease of use, the Separett Tiny range of composting toilets are perfect for those who are low on space but want the convenience and simplicity of a composting toilet. 

Our Separett range of composting toilets come with everything you need from instructions and installation manuals, fans, battery cables and containers through to the ventilation system and absorption pads and an additional roll of compostable bags!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a composting toilet for your tiny home or RV, take a look at the Separett range below for additional information.