Clivus Multrum LP and HP are batch composting toilets, which consist of two standard chambers. 

This modular "batch composting" system allows capacity to be virtually unlimited. If usage increases, buy an additional chamber and rotate the chambers more often. Fill one, put it aside to continue composting, and put the second chamber into use. When it's time to change chambers (again), the contents of the first chamber should be well and truly composted. You then remove the compost, put it in your garden or bury it, and re-use the chamber.


  • Min. 450mm underfloor clearance, perfect for tiny homes and small spaces. 
  • Less maintenance than other batch system toilets - Good Design Award winner
  • Unlimited capacity with  additional chambers

The Clivus Multrum™ composting toilet slowly breaks down both urine and human waste into stable organic compounds within the composting chamber. The sloped design (“Clivus Multrum” means inclined chamber) separates urine from human waste.  The inclined floor allows internal mixing of the material as it moves towards the bottom of the chamber. The composted material is removed infrequently (typically once per year depending on use and chamber size)


  • Less Maintenance  than batch system toilets
  • Over 40 years of proven history