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We are an Australian business located in Brisbane Queensland and have a wide range of composting toilets for domestic, commercial, off-grid, camping and accommodation based purposes.

We also have a helpful range of accessories and solar components for our composting toilets. If you would like to chat with one of our customer service representatives, please call us on 1300 138 182.
Wastewater treatment plants use vast amounts of energy and category 4 & 5 chemicals to treat wastewater. Composting toilets do this using a natural process called Mesophilic and Thermophilic composting.
If you’re looking to make your home more self sufficient, a composting toilet is one of the easiest ways you can reduce your reliance on suburban infrastructure like sewers and flushing toilets.
The average plumbed in toilet will flush 35,000 litres of perfectly good drinking water down the drain every year. Help conserve this precious commodity by installing a composting toilet today – see our range.

Domestic Composting Toilets

Whether your taste in design is traditional, modern, simple, or space age – we have just the right loo for you. We have designed our systems to be capable of handling every climate and building constraint.

Commercial Composting Toilets

No plumbing or sewer connections required so place your toilet wherever you like. No maintenance contract is required and very little upkeep is needed other than standard cleaning and restocking.

Toilet Buildings

Pre-fabricated Modular Toilet and Restroom buildings built using super strong and lightweight Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic building materials.

Ecoflo composting systems
How do waterless toilets work?
All Ecoflo systems are odour and chemical free as well as being completely waterless. Ecoflo composting toilets provide a hygienic method of recycling human waste. By separately managing your toilet (aka black water) and other wastewater (i.e. greywater), you avoid the need to waste and pollute potable water.
Composting toilets for home
Single Story
If you own a home or cabin that’s been built on a concrete slab and are looking for a composting toilet we recommend looking at our self contained composting toilets. These can easily be installed in any house, cabin, workshed or holiday home – even if it’s been built on a concrete slab.
Double story or with crawl space
If your home has space under the house where a separate tank can be installed under your bathroom, you may want to consider a split system composting toilet. These toilets have a conventional pedestal in the bathroom and a composting unit installed below the pedestal. These are a great option for larger families or homes where less maintenance is required (larger tanks mean emptying less frequently).