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Self-contained Composting Toilets

No space below the toilet pedestal is required.

These systems are popular with weekender homes, container cabins or granny flats. Self-contained toilets are very compact with the treatment chamber inside the toilet pedestal. Capacity is somewhat reduced compared with Split Systems.

If you require a toilet for more than 4 people on a full-time basis you will need either two Self-contained toilets or to create a situation where you can install a Split System.

For more information on the installation and maintenance of these systems click here.

Sun-Mar Excel NE  2086.36 AUD
Sun-Mar Excel  2317.27 AUD
Nature Loo Excelet  1526.3636 AUD
Nature Loo Mini  1104.5455 AUD
EcoLet NE Slimline 30  1318.18 AUD
EcoLet 15e Incl Vent Kit  2045.4545 AUD
EcoLet 25e Incl Vent Kit  2318.1818 AUD
EcoLet 55ai Incl Vent Kit  2909.0909 AUD
EcoLet 65ai Incl Vent Kit  3181.8182 AUD