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Golden Rule #1: Australian designed and Australian tested composting toilets will always perform better. 

The best performing toilet for your home is one that is designed and tested in your country of origin. Country of origin design and country of origin testing mean toilet systems can be fine tuned for optimal performance in those conditions. That is why Australian designed and tested composting toilets always perform better.

Did you know imported composting toilets from colder countries such as Europe, America and Canada are usually performance tested in heated cellars and heated bathrooms? While they may perform well under these conditions, there is no guarantee of performance in exposed under floor situations or non-heated bathrooms which are typical in Australia.

How have we been able to optimise performance?

It’s no accident our tanks are black!  Black absorbs all wavelengths of light and converts them into heat. Higher temperatures speed up the treatment process through "hot composting". Microbial activity (eg thermophilic bacteria) within the compost pile will result in finished compost in a much shorter period of time.

Thicker chamber walls. Australian designed systems usually have thicker walls to insulate the contents of the compost chamber from temperature fluctuations. By maintaining an even temperature, the composting process is more efficient.

Insulated systems. The next generation systems have an ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ wall with an insulating air gap in between. Better insulation means the composting process will operate more efficiently in hot or cold conditions. In a country as vast as Australia, this is an important consideration as average monthly temperatures can range from 37 deg in the Australian outback to negative 4 deg in the Australian highlands. This is why composting systems that are designed for Australian conditions will always perform better.


How can you tell the difference between an Australian designed system and an imported one?

The colour of the compost chamber is the best indicator. Australian designed systems are usually black. Imported products are usually green or brown.

Also, look for Australian made or Australian Designed systems. This information should be provided with the product or by the supplier upon request.

Ecoflo's toilets can be modified to suit local climatic conditions affected by temperature and moisture via our aerators, mixers and low wattage heaters. Our systems have seals between the pedestal and compost bin to provide optimum conditions for composting.

The minimum maintenance unique to Clivus Multrum CM10 continuous system does not only rely on ambient temperature but instead self generates the heat necessary for composting due to the volume of its single tank. This can also be connected to 2 pedestals.  

Toilets which can be installed not just inside the bathroom (self contained) but also split systems with only 450mm clearance under the pedestal floor.  The NatureLoo Classic 750 low profile is designed to be installed under a Tiny Home.