EcoLet™ uses modern technology to accelerate and optimise natural biological decomposition, evaporate excess liquid and to exhaust odours and water vapour, all within an attractive home appliance that is easy to use and economical to operate. 

The ventilation pipe leads moist air away and ventilates the entire bathroom. Mixing arms help aerate the compost and sift it into the humus tray. The adjustable thermostat combined with recirculation of the heated air results in a very low energy cost. The fan drives warm air through the air channels to remove moisture, to provide the compost with oxygen and to warm it up to optimum temperature. For maximum usage rates, the toilet room should be at least 18°C.

The humus collection tray in the bottom of the unit is emptied periodically, depending on usage. More humus-starter is added as needed to maintain a balanced composting mix.