An outline of how to look after an EcoLet™ is given below. This is to give you an idea of what is involved and to assist you in making a decision on the ideal waterless composting toilet solution for your needs.

Daily or Weekly

  • Add 1 cup of bulking agent (we suggest hemp) to the toilet after every solid use.
  • Clean toilet fixture using only biodegradable cleaners.
  • Check the liquid level in the tube on the right-hand side of the system- if the liquid is evident in the tube turn the thermostat up one or two notches.
  • Give the compost pile a rake around with the manual mixing rake.

Emptying of Tray

  • When the compost pile reaches the same level as the top mixing arm the tray needs emptying. How often depends on frequency of use.
  • Disconnect the fluid indicator tube and pull the tray out of the toilet.
  • Once the tray has been emptied and waste disposed of (according to your local authority) replace the tray and reconnect fluid indicator tube.

All our composting toilet solutions come with a detailed maintenance and service guide and troubleshooting FAQ. In addition, we offer quality backup and support for the life of the systems and, with distributors around the country, prompt after-sales service and advice is assured. If you have any queries on the use or maintenance of your EcoLet™ please contact us.

EcoLet 55ai and 65ai Troubleshooting