The waterless and micro flush toilet pedestals are designed to be cleaned less often than a standard 4-6L flushing toilet. The micro flush pedestal has a self-cleaning ball valve that generally takes care of the job for you. Cleaning of the toilet seat itself is done with our natural cleaning product, Nature Flush. The product's enzymatic action also assists with the compost process.

You will need to add bulking material (approximately a cupful per person per day) and rotate the drum. Sample bags of the bulking agent are provided with the toilet and can be sourced from the local pet store.

The drum rotation is a periodic task which ensures that, when it comes time to empty the compost, you can be assured you will have produced nice compost. The handle of the Bio-Drum on the Centrex and Excel should be rotated clockwise every second day when the toilet is in use. You will need to rotate the drum backwards when it is approximately half full. This will empty a portion of the compost into the finishing drawer. It is recommended to leave the compost in the finishing drawer for approximately 7 weeks to ensure that composting is complete.

The installation and maintenance manual provided with the toilet outlines these activities and we also provide customer support Monday to Friday on 1300 138 182 should you have any questions unanswered in this material.